Why use TLS?

Each of the TLS Profiles offers a unique view on a person, team or situation at work. Each has its own visual model and simple language to bring it to life.

The Profiles are rich in multi-layered data enabling powerful, transformational discussion about the potential and value of the individual, how to link people with tasks and with each other - and how to build, manage and lead teams. Most of all, they help to uncover the energies that influence success and build long term company value.

25 years of validated research have created a suite of Profiling tools.

The Team Management Wheel lies at the heart of this integrated approach designed to help maximise personal potential, build great teams and create energy for success. It provides a visual starting point for a discussion about what makes high energy teams.

The TLS approach makes individual development the critical first step to effective team development. And it places both in the context of business results.

Profiles may be used singly, in different combinations or with other tools to illuminate a range of situations and provide the key to personal and team development.

All our tools are rigorously researched and presented to high quality standards.

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