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Star Performing Team Model

In difficult economic times organisations have turned to teams to increase productivity. It has been recognised that teams that perform well can really make a difference. However, when looking at why some teams succeed whereas others fail the number of variables involved make it problematic to pin down the critical success factors. This encouraged Team Leadership Services to investigate the DNA of teams that demonstrate ‘Star’ performance.

The Star Performing Team Model has now been identified and includes ten factors of effective teamwork, which if practised are likely to lead to a team that will be viewed by various stakeholders as a ‘Star’ performing team. Each model factor is underpinned by six team behaviours. The model has been developed from a combination of research, conventional wisdom and practice and covers areas of teamwork that focus on the people (e.g. Harmony, Balance), process (e.g. Alignment, Empowerment) and performance (e.g. Stretch targets, Customer Focus). By comparing itself against this ideal set of characteristics and behaviours within the model a team can identify areas that require extra effort.