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Star Performing Team Profile [SPT] and Team Diagnostic Profile [TDP]

Both multi-rater tools measure the effectiveness of a team using the Effective teamwork Model. However, the former is more comprehensive and provides feedback in greater depth and detail and requires around 45mins questionnaire completion per person. It also requires up to three hours facilitation to feed back to a team.

The latter TDP, a more recent variant, only requires around 20 minutes questionnaire completion time and around 90 minutes facilitation feed back to a team. Both provide useful guidance to assist a team chart its development needs and formulate an action plan. The client is able to choose the energy, time and appropriateness for any given assignment.

The description below of the SPT Profile is also very similar for the TDP. Subtle difference can be viewed in each of the available samples.

Star Performing Team Profile [SPT]

The SPT is a 360° assessment of a team. Views are sought internally (from within the team itself) and externally (from individuals who interact with the team), the team leader’s views are highlighted also.

The profile reports back quantative and qualitative results that culminate in a thorough overview of the team successes and areas for improvement.

A Model for Effective Teamwork
Star Performing Team Model

Emphasis is on a team’s ‘potential’. There is nothing inherently magical about a team that automatically leads to high or ‘star’ performance. However, research and conventional wisdom have pointed to certain characteristics and behaviours which can unlock that team potential.

The SPT and TDP by factor:
  • Led - The team is appropriately and effectively led.
  • Aligned - The team is aligned internally and with other key stakeholder groups in the pursuit of clear goals and values.
  • Effective - The team is effective at decision making, problem solving and recognising opportunities.
  • Focused - The team is customer focused and regularly reviews the meaning of success.
  • Stretched - The team is high output, high quality focused.
  • Adaptive - Team members are quick learners and change-responsive.
  • Empowered - People in the team take responsibility for their functional area.
  • Harmonious - The team is open, co-operative, supportive and trusting.
  • Balanced - The team is balanced in skills, temperament and the task achievement cycle.
  • Informed - The team communicates well.

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