Emotional and Social Intelligence: A Journey of Discovery

Emotional and Social Intelligence: A Journey of Discovery

Research into stress in senior UK managers and later CEOs in Australasia helped me understand that intelligent coping was about using our accumulated capacities, genetic and learned. The search was on: what makes the difference between the effective Intelligent and not so effective leader. Self-understanding and self-mastery were the two most important 'take away' concepts from my research.

I quote the key findings on intelligent coping practices from these studies:

appreciating the link between emotions and behaviour;
stress management, and;
matching capacities with commitments.

These were the important competencies at play which later informed my wider interest in leadership in general, and intelligent leadership in particular. What I have found that works for business and corporate leaders is to see Leadership Intelligence as split into two areas as follows:

Emotional Intelligence


The self-accomplished leader is capable of integrating both 'Self-Insight' and 'Self-Mastery'. They have clear goals and aspirations, understand how their emotions drive their behaviour, and what their strengths and weaknesses are. They are able to harness their learning energy and resiliently manage stress.

Social Intelligence


The socially accomplished leader ideally needs to be competent in both Social-Insight and Social-Mastery.

Having effective Social Insight requires a macro appreciation of the organisation and its context, culture and its clients, a service orientation and interpersonal 'savvy'. This alone, however, is not enough and needs to be complemented by an ability to operate effectively within this organisational context by utilising personal impact, relationship and team management skills.

Individual leaders can assess their Self and Social accomplishments by partaking of a 360 profile review. Would you or any of your clients benefit from this?

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A useful 360 Degree Profile

Emotional and Social Intelligence Profile


So the first two of our intelligences, the Emotional and Social Intelligences has led to a 360 leadership profile which works extremely well in either a workshop setting or at the coaching level.

An individual is introduced first to the idea of preference and style tendency using for example the Team Management Profile (TMP). This awareness is then moved to an appreciation from 360 feedback of how to develop a deeper understanding of themselves and their social environment (Insight) and to use such knowledge to become accomplished (masters) of themselves and their social relationships.

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Dr. Paul Robinson

Paul has assisted senior managers for many years with their leadership, strategic planning, change management and team development needs. He also specialises in developing multi-rater feedback tools for organisations, and generic leadership 360 tools for leadership training, coaching and mentoring programmes in NZ and worldwide.
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