7 Surprising Reasons Why You Have Healthy Corporate Culture
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In order for a company to realize success over the long-term, they must first create a healthy work environment and then maintain it. It takes effort from all involved to create a healthy corporate culture that competes productively in their market segment to realize profits. There are certain characteristics that must be recognized and understood to assist is uncovering problems if the company is not making a profit and to take the steps to remedy it. Striving for what is considered to be a healthy corporation will result in growth, increased productivity, and a reduction of employee turnover or counterproductive behavior. Employees like to think that they are appreciated and accepted, that each one is treated fairly and are respected, and that there is room for growth and education. People like to be involved in decision-making and open communication. Effective sharing of goals, teamwork, keeping morale high, training opportunities, leadership, handling of poor performance, and understand risks are the 7 surprising reasons why you have healthy corporate culture working for you.

Effective sharing of goals - Sharing business goals with all employees of a company allows them to understand the vision and mission of the organization. It brings a more personal level of understanding to managers and employees on what is required to attain goals. Company meetings are a good forum to share this information, they allow everyone to ask questions and share in the answers bringing a sense of responsibility to all levels of employees. When an employee understands the big picture and how the goal is broken down into what each department contributes to the whole, they better understand their role in making the company successful and how important each person’s contribution is to attaining these goals. Information is empowering and will inspire employees to give their all to their managers when they see the importance of every task.

Teamwork - Teamwork building is another characteristic of a healthy corporate environment. Managers who take their team members off-site for regular meetings or even short getaways to socialize, play together, and work out strategies on how to achieve goals are likely to grow employee relationships that last for many years to come. When people get to know each other, share a meal, and have fun, they are apt to feel like they are part of a term and are likely to be more productive, enjoy their jobs more, and be more successful in their personal development. An employee will listen and understand to the opinions and ideas of others when managers and employees work as a team.

Keeping morale high - A healthy organization is comprised of employees with high morale. They like their jobs, they value their positions, and they want to work there for many years to come. They will recruit others they feel will benefit the organization. Employees who love their jobs tend to participate more, are highly productive and creative, they take the extra steps to do their best, they are happy, and have low absenteeism. These employees value their positions and have a sense of pride about their job and their company. An employee will defend their company against any unjust critique and will state that they enjoy working for the company if their morale is high.

Training opportunity - Employees enjoys and will stay longer with a company when they are offered an opportunity to advance in their position by being offered training. This is a great way of keeping an employee engaged and challenged by grooming them to be the best they can be. Bringing in trainers to the company to provide department or company-wide classes is a great way to build teams and create loyalty among employees who will then tend to stay longer with an organization that enhances their skill-level and promotes from within. Everyone will try to do a better job and keep the company as number one when they feel like they are valued and appreciated.

Leadership - Trusted leaders are a main characteristic of a healthy company. They have good relationships with employees at all levels and with management based on trust and values. A good leader knows how to motivate their employees to attain their vision and goals. Constructive criticism is taken well when management is trusted and communication is open. Teams function well together when they respect management and know that they are being told the truth. When a manager is interested in listening to the problems of their team members, the team will openly ask for help when they need it.

Handling poor performance - When confronted with poor performance, a healthy corporation will quickly deal with it instead of ignoring it. Corrective action is taken to improve performance and ensure that the problem does not happen again if preventable. Input from employees on how to improve productivity and attain high performance rates are welcomed by upper management. Specialists many be brought in to correct problems that exist and detect those that could happen and offer solutions.

Understand risks - Risks are unavoidable and a healthy organization realizes this and knows the steps to take to avoid them. A well-run organization will learn from their mistakes and make efforts to avoid repeating them in the future. Precaution is taken to understand that risks are a part of growth. Organizations that follow federal, state, and local government policies are made available to their employees who are then more able to react when something goes wrong. Issues are dealt with quickly and professionally when policies are broken as there is a structure in place to reference.

Make note of the 7 surprising reasons why you have healthy corporate culture listed above to illuminate what is working and note some additional reasons to consider why a corporation is viewed as being well run and is profitable. Recognizing and seizing opportunities in order to grow are advised. Adaptation to operational and technical changes allows a company to stay ahead of the curve and in step with their prospective industries and business environments. A company with a well-defined organizational structure will have a sense of order that does not limit growth or innovation. People who work in an environment that has defined structure will understand what is expected of them and they will see the benefit of why it was put in place.

Author: Doreen McGunagle

Article was used from the Global Strategic Management Solutions website

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