10 Ways To Improve Your Team Engagement
Recognise that team engagement starts before the first day
  • 82% of job hunters visit a company website prior to an interview
  • Only 32% say the information that they find there is inspiring
Create accurate first impressions
  • 89% say the interview process made them excited about working for an organisation
  • 23% subsequentially felt misled by the interviewer – and those that did were more likely to become disengaged thereafter
Make the first day meaningful
  • 43% say their first day on the job was disorganised or confusing
  • Negative first day experiences = lower engagement
Acclimate team members to the company AND the job
  • Those that participated in an induction programme felt more engaged
  • Only 29% learned about their specific job during orientation but those that did rated this the most valuable aspect of induction
Invest in a structured induction process
  • 44% report little or no structure during their period of induction
  • 85% of those that had a structured induction process found it to be helpful in learning where to find information
When designing an induction programme, recognise that one size doesn't fit all
  • 47% prefer to get a big work assignment right away
  • 53% prefer to take the first three months to learn the ropes
Communicate about your company’s mission and business strategy – and do it often
  • 90% learnt about their companies stated mission and values during induction
  • 95% say it’s important to know about the organisations business strategy, values and corporate or financial issues
Connect the dots between your company strategy, mission and employees' daily work
  • 39% say that team leaders have not connected their work to the company strategy in the last 6 months
  • Clear communication about the link between company strategy and daily work = higher engagement
Keep talking to your team.  They're listening
  • Most say leader communications are believable (97%), relevant (80%) and direct (65%)
  • Only 17% of communications from leadership get ignored
Show your people a path to success from the beginning
  • Most don't learn about career paths during the interview or induction process and 40% still don't talk about these during performance reviews
  • Seeing a clear career path and discussing it at key points during employment = higher engagement

Author: Scott Dockweiler

Article was used from the The Muse website click here

The Muse is an American job board founded as "Company Muse" by Kathryn Minshew, Alex Cavoulacos and Melissa McCreery in February 2012. It provides multimedia profiles of employers including behind-the-scenes videos of company headquarters and interviews with employees.

Article information based on an Employee Experience Survey, completed by Brilliant Ink