360 Profile Accreditation

Access to and usage of the Team Leadership Services suite of 360 profiles is gained via an Accreditation process delivered online. The Accreditation process ensures in-depth understanding of the Leadership system, its theoretical and research base, ethical boundaries and practical application. Accreditation licenses individuals in our suite of 360 degree feedback tools.

Accreditation is open to anyone and is commonly obtained by Learning and Development Professionals.

Leadership Behaviours Profile Accreditation

Our flagship product, the Leadership Behaviours Profile, is provided via an online platform and is designed as a self-paced learning engagement.

For more information on this specific Accreditation service, please click here: LBP Accreditation

Online Accreditation in our Private Sector Profiles

Accreditation in the other private sector profiles in our 360 suite is obtained by the individual's attendance on a virtual workshop. The workshops are hosted online by one of our Master Accredited Trainers and are held at regular intervals

Intelligent Leader Accreditation

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In-House customised programme
Further Information

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The cost of an In-House Accreditation Workshop is dependent on the choice of profiles and quantity of participants. Economy of scale is gained with greater number of participants. Accreditation includes comprehensive course materials.

You can be licensed in the following suite of Profiles via the online accreditation: