360 Leadership Profile Facilitator Certification

Public Accreditation
  • This Accreditation licences accredited users in individual 360 profiles that form part of the Intelligent Leaders Suite. The Intelligent Leaders Suite covers Self, Social and Strategic Intelligence.
  • Currently available is accreditation in the Leadership Behaviours Profile (LBP) ensuring an in-depth understanding of the profile, system, its theoretical and research base, ethical boundaries and practical application.
What is it?

The LBP 360 Accreditation is online & can be completed over 3 months at your own pace. Includes Video Learning Modules, a Workbook and completion of a Leadership Behaviours Profile followed up with a 1 on 1 feedback.

Who's it for?

Accreditation is open to anyone and is commonly obtained by HR development consultants, in-house HR employees, trainers and line managers. Once accredited you are an Accredited Network Member and will receive a number of membership benefits and ongoing support. when ordering this product.



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Leadership Behaviours Profile Online Accreditation.
Video learning modules, Workbook, LBP Profile & a 1 on 1 remote feedback session.
$750 +Gst
Complete over 3 months from enrolment date at your own pace

Coming up

We are currently developing video learning modules for the other 360s in the suite if in the meantime you would like to be accredited in more than the LBP 360 on offer please enquire and we can manage this.

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For further information on the 360 profiles in the Intelligent Leaders Suite, click on the image below.

Intelligent Leaders Suite

Intelligent Leaders Suite