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Leadership Behaviours Profile [LBP] and Team Member 360 Profile [TM360]

Both these 360 feedback tools utilise the same model. The LBP is intended for leader managers with direct reports and the TM360 provides feedback to team members who may aspire to become leaders in the future. The description below of the LBP is very similar to the TM360. The terminology differences can be viewed in each of the available samples.

Leadership Behaviours Profile [LBP]

This recently refreshed full range leadership instrument provides feedback to the participant via a comprehensive leadership report. Results on eight factors of leadership effectiveness are presented, plus the subject’s level of accomplishment in emotional intelligence.

The results derive from compiling questionnaire responses from appropriately selected work colleagues. These are graphed into stakeholder group comparisons and presented alongside written feedback about the subject’s successes, strengths, training and development needs and, suggestions for improvement. A commentary is provided throughout the profile in the form of coaching advice extracted from TLS’s development library.

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Leadership Behaviours Model

LBP Captains Wheel

"This 360 Leadership Profile, its accompanying leadership programme and coaching, has served my organisation very well over the past 5 years. All our managers get to regularly self-reflect and work on their leadership improvement plan. This has helped transform our organisation culture and teamwork."

Takao Ouchi, Managing Director Allied Pinnacle, Australia (2020)



The LBP has:

  • a fully automated portal system that makes the process administratively friendly
  • universal application across different industry sectors and management groups
  • broad applications for wide ranging types of interventions
  • current norms across almost 10,000 leaders with more than 55,000 "other" rater inputs
  • robust courseware and coaching options to support the accredited facilitator



The Pulse Report for the LBP (6 months accountability check)

The Pulse Report for the LBP represents a snapshot of progress along an individual's leadership development journey six months beyond the original LBP 360 event.

The sequence leading up to this Pulse Report is as follows:

  • Participation as a 'subject' in an LBP 360 process.
  • Learnings are then converted into between 4-5 Personal Development Leadership Objectives or Actions.
  • Recorded actions retained in TLS's secure on-line database.
  • Completion of a short on-line questionnaire by the participant and their manager/supervisor only (Pulse questionnaire) measuring your progress thus far.

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